29 December 2011

The Festival Season! The Heatwave Extravaganza.

A great festival featuring Tech N9ne, D12, Chamillionaire, ourselves and many others. Canberra crew, be there or be bloody square!

Saturday, January 21st
Epic Arena (Exhibition Park)
Kicking off at 3pm

Tickets available at Moshtix.

Peep the details on Facebook.

26 July 2011

Sydney Crew! Beresford gig August 6th.

That's right folks. We'll be hitting the Beresford Hotel for some hip hop antics and we'll be accompanied by the one and only Plutonic Lab on the drums. Guaranteed to be a smashing night.

Details are...

Date: Saturday, August 6
Where: The Beresford Hotel (Level 1, 354 Bourke Street, Surry Hills)
Time: FREE before 8 o'clock

See you guys there.

Adelaide Crew Hold Tight!

It has been waaaaaaaaaaay too long since we performed a proper show for you guys. Great line-up of artists. It shall be a corker! Hope to see you all there.

18 March 2011

Platform Hip Hop Festival


Hope you're all well.

If you're in Sydney or it's surrounding areas, you need to be checking out this hip hop extravaganza. Four weeks of graffiti, b-boying/ girling, DJ'ing and of course rappity rapping. We'll be performing on the last night - April 2nd - along side DJ JS-1 and Rahzel. Shall be a splended night. Hope to see you there!
Check the flyer for details.

On a side-note: R&B thug, Nate Dogg, passed away recently. As well as reggae don, Smiley Culture. Not to mention the many, many folks in Japan. Crazy shit. Much blessing to you and yours. Peace!

Good Vibrations: Done & Dusted

Wow... what a tour. We had great receptions to our shows, we had Plutonic Lab on the drums and we got to share the stage and travel with incredible artists like Erykah Badu, Nas and Damian Marley. Humbled? Just a little bit.

For me... Erykah Badu stole the show. Stuff it... she stole all the shows. Her majestic performance left everyone in awe. Mouths open and all. Haha. It truly was an experience.

Shout out to Heata for these pics and to everyone that came up to us after the show to give us props, to those who bought a shirt or a CD (or BOTH!) and to the organisers and staff (especially Jerry, our tour manager) for looking after us. Well, I might add. Shot!

15 January 2011

Travis Desfontaines RIP

The article don himself

As a Tongan, I grew up with death and funerals playing a big part of my life. That being due to being part of a big family and, being a Tongan in Australia, you knew pretty much every Tongan family in your community. And the Tongans, in general, are quite close knit.

It wasn’t ‘til a close friend of mine, Scott Bain, died that I experienced a loss of a different kind. Uncles and aunties pass away and that obviously hurts, but when someone your age dies, it truly hits you in a unique way. Is it because they died way before their time? Does their death force you to question your own mortality? I don’t know. What I do know, I’ve never felt like that before.

Another close friend died recently. Travis Desfontaines. I’m completely heartbroken. I truly don’t know where to start in order to describe his character, his persona, his light and his presence. So I just want to share a few (of maaaaany) stories that, I hope, will give you some insight on the man and the myth.

Travis was a party monster. When it was time to get down, he was the one you needed to get down with. But Trav was also the party entertainment. The bloke you hoped would be there at the gathering because you knew sometime throughout the night; the big fella would steal the spotlight and have the whole house cracking up. That, too, was part of his act… he’d have you crazily anticipating the show’s commencement.

One night at a party, we’d be doing what we do; having a dance, a few drinks and so on. We noticed Travis hadn’t been seen for a few, but we didn’t think much of it. We kept drinking and talking crap.

Suddenly, Travis rocks in with a lawn mower. A lawn mower? Yes, a lawn mower. And what’s more, the lawn mower had a hat on it. Obviously everyone was looking at Trav like, “what the hell?”, but we knew that that crafty raggamuffin was up to something. Obviously feeling he had the whole places attention, with the straightest of faces, Trav looks at everyone and says, “Hey everyone, meet me mate, Victor!”

Travis spent a lot of years in Melbourne. Hanging out with him down in that culturally rich city was almost like walking around with the mayor. He was the type of person people wanted to know and be seen with. But to me, he was always the same Kambah kid and I just loved hanging out with him for him.

Walking down a busy street one night in Melbourne, we walk pass a bar that was blaring some trance music. We both looked at each other with cringed faces in agreement of how crap it sounded. Travis then said, “Awww shit. It must be ‘80s night tonight”. I looked at him puzzled knowing that full well it wasn’t ‘80s music playing; it was trance. What is this guy hearing? So I turned to him and said, “’80s music?” to which he replied, “Yeah, cos you’ll need 8 E’s to enjoy it!”

OK… one more – short and sharp. Trav’s wit game was unmatched. I forget which hotel it was… and even why were staying at the same one. Anyway… We all jump in the elevator, pushed the buttons and chatted away as the elevator started to move up to our designated floors. We reach Trav’s floor and the doors open up. We exchanged good-byes with handshakes and he walks off the elevator. As the doors begin to close, Trav turns around to us and says, “Thanks for the lift”. Incredible.

I’m not sure if these story fall in the ol’ ‘you just had to be there’ catergory, but really… who cares. These are some the moments I’ve thought about many a time. If you knew him, you would understand the man’s comedic genius I was trying to capture with these stories. If you didn’t know him, I’m sure it will still make you crack a smile.

I guess that’s the bitter sweetness of Trav’s death; he has sadly passed away, but the big fella has left us with so many fond memories and funny moments. Travis, ya bastard, I miss you. We all miss you. Wherever you are, I hope you have reunited with our brother, Scott, and those Chicago Bulls socks you wore into the ground. Love you, brother.

- Hau

09 January 2011

Hottest 100

Vote for us in triple j's Hottest 100!

Yep - it's that time of year where your favourite artists become annoying as hell by bombarding you with 'requests' to vote for their songs for triple j's annual Hottest 100. We're kinda the same... but a little more subtle about it. A little.

We're just just going to put it out there and it is up to you whether you want to take that next step and vote. Our song, 'Can't Stand It', is up there so it would be great if you could vote for it. We appreciate all types of support, anyway, so as long as you have us in mind when purchasing a CD or seeing a gig, we're very grateful.

Anyway, if you're into the local hip hop tunes that are up for voting, support them.
OK, folks. Love ya long time.

27 December 2010

Merry Koolismas!

Just thought I'd have some fun in the ol' spirit of Christmas. A little present for all the supporters and crew. Wrote it while coolin' with my fam' in Bega.
Recorded in the car using the lap top so, you know... it's on some lo-fi business. Haha. The beat is from RUN DMC's, 'Christmas in Hollis'.
A few random shout outs at the end... so if you didn't hear your name and think I should've mentioned it, catch you next time.
Anyway, nuff talking and have a listen.

Stay safe!

Koolism - Merry Koolismas! by HauieBeast

30 November 2010

Just In Case You Missed It!

Big up Greg @ Blisterfinger for the art work

26 October 2010

SYDNEY Album Launch Announced

That's right, my Sydney crew. See your boys do it up proper live and direct for you and yours playing tunes from the new album plus some good ol' classics.

December 9th @ Melt Bar, Kings Cross

Keeping it intimate and gangsta at the same time. Tell a friend to tell a friend.

20 October 2010

Show Business

What's happening folks?
Hoping all is well in your neck of the woods.

We've been added to more festivals and have announced more launches in support of the album. So far there has been great responses to "The 'Umu". Have you got a copy yet?

Anyway, here is how it is shaping up so far...

Nov. 19 : "The 'Umu" album launch - Hotel Gearin, Katoomba
Nov. 27: The Foreshore Festival - Canberra
Dec. 04: "The 'Umu" album launch - Republic Bar, Hobart
Dec. 28: Blah, Blah, Blah Festival - Riverlife, Brisbane
Dec. 30: Pyramid Rock Festival - Philip Island, VIC (w/ our mate, Plutonic Lab)

So yeah... if around any of those places at that time, would be good to see you. Easy folks. Stay safe!